Top Ways To Use Up Garden Veggies

I have a confession to make....I am a veggie hoarder.  It happens every year, my dad has a ginormous garden and we have a pretty big one and I always end up reaching that oh shit phase when I just have too much.  I know it's all my fault, I just can't say no to garden goods and my dad knows it.  It has actually turned into a joke because my husband always questions my mass amounts of produce and my dad is my enabler.  Case in point, he calls me up and says he has "a few maters and some veggies" for me and this is what he comes with.


Regardless of my justification for the mass amounts of produce I've accumulated, I wanted to share my top two ways to use up what you have.

-Chop and sauté everything up and add chicken stock for a glorious soup

-Cook, blend(a hand blender stick makes this a dream) and freeze


PS- I like to freeze first in a small container and then vacuum seal the individual blocks so that I can use just a small amount at a time.  Plus all the cool peeps vacuum seal these days.

Now its your turn!  What is your favorite way to preserve summers garden or farmers market goodness?




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