End Of Summer Events: Windy City Wine Festival

I don't know about you but with the start of September I can't help but go into panic mode that fall is pretty much right around the corner. In order to soothe some of those panics, how about we spend the weekend sipping on 345 wines from around the world at the Windy City Wine Festival?  Did I mention the event takes place at the historic Buckingham Fountain?


One of the things I love most about the event is that part of the proceeds will be donated to the Grant Park Conservancy.  Not to mention Taco Joint and Forever Yogurt are going to be there.  Clearly someone was tapping into my dreams.  Not gonna lie, I hope Chubby Wieners has a veggie or turkey option because I just want to be able to say I ate at Chubby Wieners.  Clearly I am ten years old at heart.  Anyways, for more information on the event check out their website.

Hope to see you all there tomorrow to celebrate our beautiful city and the fact we are technically still in summer.







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