Amylu Sausages: Keepin the Summer Vibe Alive

So I know it sounds redundant and I am probably being overly dramatic, but I always get a little over-the-top when September begins and I know summer is coming to an end.  In all fairness I love fall, it's just the snow word that I don't get excited about.  Although it will soon be time to pull out the sweaters, one piece of summer will never leave....BBQ eats!

Now most of the time I am your typical chicken or veggie burger type of gal but thanks to Costco I have fallen in love

photo 1-34

Not only is Amylu sausage all natural it is also gluten, nitrate, preservative, and MSG free.  Did I mention there is a super short list of ingredients?  Love that.  My favorite way to enjoy them is sautéed with onions and zucchini served with some spicy mustard.

What is your go-to BBQ  meat?  Have you tried chicken sausage?





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