The Best Around....No Yolk

Ever walk into a restaurant and feel like you are walking into the back door of your best friends house?  One of those super cool besties that serves strawberry orange mimosas upon your arrival


That was the feeling that came over me the second I walked in the door at Yolk.  The walls showcased the history of how it all began and warm inviting smiles greeted me as I walked in.

photo 3-20

photo 4-8

Smiles and french toast bites.  Insert buckling of knees.  Now I guess I am doing a bit of misleading because I don't think you are always greeted like that, but I was lucky enough to be invited to a live #Foodiechats event and they pulled out all the stops.  Needless to say, this is the picture that is painted in my brain.  I think its time you head to Yolk and paint your own picture.

Have you ever been to Yolk?  What makes a restaurant feel special to you?






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