Overripe Banana: Pancake Edition

Ever look into your fruit bowl only to find the bananas you swore you just bought are already turning speckled?  What is the first thing that pops into your brain?  Whatever that was, say banana bread, erase it.  From now on everytime you lay eyes on an overripe naner, you'll only think one thing...nanercake.

Nanerwhhhhat?  A nanercake is simply a Paleo pancake.  To get started, first select with your egg of choice.  PSA: They are not all created equal.  I really like Costcos organic free range ones but nothing beats my Dad’s

Happy Hen Organic Eggs

You will need:

-Two eggs – one whole plus one white

-One over ripe banana

And for the fun part, time to scramble things up.

If you desire, I usually do, add a dash of vanilla and cinnamon.  Cook in a well sprayed pan over low-medium heat until cooked throughout and brown on both sides.

Not only are these cakes delicious, they are also gluten free and packed with over 10 grams of protein.  Tack on some additional protein by smearing it with some nut butter.  For the deal sealer, drizzle with some real maple syrup.

And just like that your whole outlook on overripe naners is forever changed.




PS: If it breaks mid flip, have no fear. Simply turn it into a scramble.  Don’t worry, it looks ugly but I tastes the same and goes to the same place so as my parents would say "Shut up and Eat it!"

What are your current breakfast eats?  

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