6 Ways to Build a Better Salad

For the longest time I was a turkey sandy for lunch type of gal.  Day after day it was the same old thing and after while, the thought of it made me cringe.  As I sat and thought what was one thing that I could eat day in and day out and not get sick of, it dawned on me.  A salad!

I am the first one to admit that typically a salad seems like the boring option but I promise you its the complete opposite of boring.  Here are my top six ways to make yourself a smashing salad.

-Start with a nutrient dense base and don't be afraid to play around with different salad mixes.  I like to layer butter lettuce and sweet kale salad mix from Costco.

-Pick a protein.  Hardboiled eggs and low sodium turkey seem to make their way into my bowl quite often.

-Toss in the healthy fats.  Avocado, feta, blue or sharp cheddar cheese, and nuts are my top picks.  The nuts also serve as my "crunch", which replaces your typical crouton.

-Fruits and veggies.  This changes with the season but it typically ranges anywhere from pears to pomegranate arils to fresh mini peppers and cukes.  When I’m not lazy, roasted veggies also get thrown into the mix.

-Time to dress it!  Heck with traditional dressing, I use Chef Earl's giardiniera hummus(literally just throw a glob in and stir it up).  If I'm feeling polite, I'll go with Newman's Own light honey mustard.

-Last but not least, the fun part.  Throw in any leftovers.  Ya know what they say, waste not want not.  I think the most bizarre and down right delicious salad topper was leftover pierogis.  So good.

The best salads are ones with layers of flavors, different textures, and fun to make and eat.  If you think about it, salads are kind of like people.  Except for the eat part.  Ok, this just got weird...




What are your favorite things to add to a salad?

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