Best of Food and Wine: The Low Down

The Best of Food and Wine Festival was by far one of my favorite foodie events of the year, right up there with the food truck event.  One of the biggest reasons why this event truly shined for me was the atmosphere.  As we walked up to the building, we could not help but get amped up with the sounds of music bumping from outside the building and as we walked in, you could feel the excitement and full hearts in the room.


Or maybe it was the unlimited food and cocktails.  Either way, as promised, here are some highlights from the event

From left to right: Sweet potato pie bites from The Bank, crab claws from Chinns, bloody mary with a marinated brussel sprout from Jimmy Luvs, from sweet potato mash from Glen Praire.

If I had to select just one thing as the winner of the event, I would have to choose the butternut squash soup from Adelle's.  It was out of this world and almost had a cheesy taste to it.

So thankful for the kind folks over at Distinctive Events for hooking me up with tickets.



What are you thankful for this holiday season?  I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for all of you who read and continually inspire me to be a better me.  This blog has opened so many doors for me both professionally and personally that I never would have had without it and all of you.

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