Kitchen Comfort Zone

Have you ever purchased an item from the grocery store only to find out it wasn't exactly what you thought it was?  Well, that was the case tonight.

They look like regular chicken meatballs, right?  Wrong.  They are, in fact, chicken teriyaki pineapple meatballs. Since I was a little stumped on how to prepare them I headed to their website where I found a recipe for a Chicken Meatball Stir Fry

The cool thing about a stir fry is that it allows you to use what you have.  Here is the Kateified version of Aidells original recipe:

  • Omit sugar and cornstarch
  • Used avocado oil instead of than vegetable oil
  • Veggies of choice were fresh corn, spinach, and the last of the peppers from our garden
  • Served over a cup of cooked wheat-berries

I owe a lot to those chicken teriyaki meatballs for forcing me out of my comfort zone.

What makes you feel out of your comfort zone in the kitchen?  


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  • For me, it is man vs stove. I walk out there, face it, throw my best at it, and it always wins, which means I lose and end up with something a turkey vulture would not touch.

    Actually, I bought a cast iron wok years ago, and it has cooked many things that were probably not supposed to end up together. Surprising what a little seasoning can do for seemingly unrelated food items.

    Good post, and good use of mistaken meatballs.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    My favorite meals are the ones that just end up together. I am a throw it all in a bowl and eat it kind of girl. Dumb question but do you have to have a gas stove to "properly" use a wok? Thanks for reading!!

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