A Food Revolution

Let's all take a step back in time, shall we?

Doesn't seem like long ago that I was standing in line in my grade school cafeteria waiting for lunch to be served.  Looking back I hardly recall a salad of any kind ever being served and always racing to the chocolate milk crates to ensure I wouldn't be stuck with regular ol' white milk.  What do you remember about the lunches that were served?  Would you eat them as an adult?


Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution has selected a number of ambassadors from around the world who show a deep commitment to real food and I’m thrilled to be one of them.  Food Revolution is a global movement, tackling the obesity epidemic and diet-related diseases with better food education and cooking fresh, real food from scratch.

This week is National School Lunch Week and I am challenging all you Chicagoland parents out there to take a field trip to your child's cafeteria for a lunch date.

For more information on the Food Revolution or how YOU can get involved in the movement, visit jamiesfoodrevoltion.com.


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