Jane the Bucktown Beauty

What draws you to a restaurant?  For me, curb appeal is where it's at.  Sure recommendations are great but there is something special about getting a feeling about a place by  just driving by.  Ya know that feeling that something is pulling you in?  This is the story with Jane's.

Located on one of the most beautiful blocks in Bucktown, this little charmer is true to its old Chicago roots flaunting exposed brick walls and a rustic wood ceiling.  Something about the artsy font on the sign sucks you in and once you are inside, tons of local art jumps at you from the walls.  Sort of reminds me of a place back home, Tracy's Row House.

There were four people in our party but I couldn't help but swoon over this little table for two in the window overlooking the patio.

The place is just adorable but we all know cute and adorable isn't always enough.  Have no fear, the food did not disappoint.

The burrito was served with this out of control delicious avocado mousse and the crust was flaky and melted in your mouth.  Are ya one your way to Janes yet?



What draws you to a restaurant?

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