Food Truck Feastin'

So I feel like a complete jerk.  I keep telling you of all these great events after they occur.  Many apologies but at least its a heads up for next year, right?

The kind people at Street Food Artistry were kind enough to hook me up with a pass for the day.  What a day it was!

The event was held at the Zhou B Art Center which I'm not gonna lie, as we walked up it looked like an abandoned building but was presently surprised to see it filled with so much life.  There was music seeping thru the open windows and one of a kind art jumping at you from the walls - not to mention bumper to bumper food trucks parked around back

For the event only being in it's second year, I couldn't get over how well it was put together. The lines were fairly short and there was something for everyone from your bacon lover to your veggie meatball fanatic.

For additional info on the event, check out their website.



What food trucks have you tried?  I can add Babycakes, Sammich Box, FYI, Ice3, Getta Polpetta, and Falafel Brothers to my list!

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