The Lighter Side of the Taste

Happy kickoff of the Taste of Chicago everyone!

(Photo Credit: Stefani Restaurants)

I can't say that I've ever been to the Taste so I'm not really sure what think but free admission, food, and Jennifer Hudson sounds like a good deal to me.  Not sure about you but when I think 'festival' I immediately think cotton candy and elephant ears but festival eats don't always have to be loaded with sugar and deep fried.  The health conscious folks at Humana have made it very easy to spot healthier options at various vendors by placing a green apple on the menu boards

According to Humana, The Healthier Choices were selected by a panel of nutrition-savvy Chicago doctors based on the calorie count, fat, and sodium content provided by each restaurant.  The green apple will be placed next to appetizers under 320 calories, main entree under 500 calories, and dessert under 320 calories.  To see the complete list of options, find an Apple Man at the Taste or scoop it out here. Black bean sliders from Inspiration Kitchen are calling my name!



Question: What are your thoughts of the Taste? Is it a go or no go?

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  • For me, it is a no. But, I'm happy to see they are offering healthier options.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    I'm with you! The crowds are a major downfall for me but I definitely would like to experience it once!

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