Triple D's

Oh my word, can you get over this weather?  I don't know what I would have done if we came back from the honeymoon and it was an freezing out.  Maybe we brought the warm weather back.  So as promised here is the second and last honeymoon recap.  If you missed part one you may check it out here.

I was originally going to cover dinner and dessert but I decided why not throw drinks in there too.  We all know I enjoyed my fair share

How could I not express my love for passion fruit blended margaritas and guava sun tea from Sol Food

This stuff was refreshing and the perfect way to wash down a spicy Bob Marley.

When traveling, I am all about trying the local flavors.   One of my favorite dinners from the trip was at Bili with the Rodriguez's.  It was nice to eat at a local restaurant with people who knew the food.  They were our food tour guides if you will.

According to Mrs. Rodriguez, I ordered the mahi-mahi served with sweet plantains and a root mash. The mash is usually made with malanga which has a purplish color root but it sometimes contains other roots like yuca, batata(sweet potato), yautía.  Mike ordered the seafood paella

That lobster was a beast!    I also got down on this fresh island take on fettuccine alfredo at Biekes Bistro(a.k.a El Patio

Huge juicy shrimp and lots of cilantro sealed the deal.  Although some of the meals were rich, we always saved room for some sort of dessert.  My favorite being a toss up between a peanut butter cookie ice-cream sandwich from Next Course and a good ol' fashioned twist ice-cream in a sugar cone covered in sprinkles from a stand on the side of the road.

Overall the food and drinks in Vieques surpassed my expectations.  I learned a lot about my tastebuds.  I am also now passion fruit juice obsessed.  What a spectaular trip.



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