Ditch the Dogs, Grill a Za!

Well it's the one thing that is on everyone's mind(keep it clean, peeps)....Memorial Day.    I don't know about you all, but I could hardly sit still at work today. An upcoming three day weekend always does that to me.  I couldn't help but think of all the food that the weekend will entail especially off the grill.

Why not switch your holiday weekend menu up a bit and grill up some pizza.

I started off by splitting store bought whole wheat pizza dough in two, rolled it out, and threw it on a sprayed grill

There it sat for 3 minutes before pulling it off, rubbing the grilled side with crushed garlic, and adding all the fixings

I topped ours with grilled squash, drained marinated artichokes, tomatoes, chopped spinach, reduced fat sharp cheddar, and parmigiano reggiano.  Carefully place your beautiful creation back on the grill and cook for 5 minutes or until the cheese and crust are to your liking.

Pizza is best served with your friends and family, fixings of your choice, and a cocktail or two, of course!

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  • Yum. I've been on a big pizza kick lately, but have never grilled it before. I'm going to try it - maybe this weekend. Thanks.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Well....did you try it??

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