Spoiler Alert: There is no nudity in tonight's post.  When I told my friend I was going out for tapas she said topless and I thought it was funny.  Maybe not but that's okay...

For those of you that don't know, I am getting married near the end of the month and last weekend the girls threw my bachelorette party.  I really didn't care what we did but I did have one request, Cafe Iberico.

Hey Beautiful


It was my first time there but my sister suggested it and since I am a tapas and sangria fanatic I was immediately in.  I think what I liked most about Cafe Iberico was the atmosphere and service.  Our waiter kept the party going and even brought me an extra special dessert in honor of my special day ;)

You get the just!

Although all the food was wonderful, I particularly enjoyed the marinated Spanish olives and the grilled sea scallops.

Vieiras A La Planca


Oh my the scallops.  They were so tender and perfectly cooked but most importantly there wasn't a fleck of sand in them.   So delicious.

Can't wait to go back and bring Mike :)

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