No Bake "Cake"

So yesterday as I scrapped the remaining eclair cake from Easter into the garbage, I thought of something. I wonder how many people buy their desserts rather than make them because of time restraints or the excuse that they can't cook.

Enter eclair cake.  This dish comes together in no time and besides for dumping the custard ingredients together all you have to do is assemble it.  I prefer to assemble it the night before so it has time to set and I am pretty sure that you could find all the ingredients at Walgreens.

First, layer a row of low fat honey graham crackers is a 13 * 9 pan.

Next, mix together 2 vanilla instant pudding with one tub of low fat Cool Whip, 3 cups of reduced fat milk. Pour half the mixture over the grahams and top with another layer of grahams followed by the rest of the pudding mixture.  Top with an additional layer of grahams then slather it with chocolate frosting.   Pairs nicely with a nice big glass of milk.

Enjoy :)


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