The Child in Me

Don't ya love foods that remind you of your childhood?  Nothing like my mommas peanut butter and jelly on good ol' Butternut bread or or a big bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch.  Since I try to avoid white bread and sugar laden cereals in my daily eats, here are some healthified options that are kid-friendly.


Perfect for families on the go.  This breakfast sandwich is loaded with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins.  To make this beauty, smear two whole wheat waffles with all natural peanut butter and jelly, sprinkle with chia seeds and top with half of a sliced banana.  Wrap in saran wrap and eat on the run.

Where are my cereal lovers out there?  I have always been a cereal fanatic and Im currently obsessed with Barbaras Peanut Butter Puffins. This cereals stats aren't that much lower than its rival Peanut Butter Crunch but its ingredient list is much cleaner.  Hint: Reduce the amount of  the sugar even more by cutting the Puffins with a high fiber cereal.

Puffin Heaven

Now go feed one of these options to your kids or the kid in you!


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    I'm absolutely doing this. So simple, but good tasting and filling! Thanks.

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    In reply to Megan Traynor:

    Hah, I cannot help but noticed your bio. I'm 27, recently engaged, living in the burbs (meh), and passionate about clean eating MOST of the time as well... I was searching for a more "local clean eating blog" as I follow Tosca Reno, and Jamie Eason. Glad I stumbled across yours. Happy Monday!

  • In reply to Megan Traynor:

    Congrats on your engagement and thanks so much for reading! Your comment made my night :)

  • In reply to Megan Traynor:

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

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    Thanks and glad to hear I made you night. Ha, I creeped and found your naner-a-day site too. I was in an all day meeting yesterday and in need of entertainment. Thank God I had my computer. You're hilarious. Hope all goes well with you're big day! Maybe I'll talk with you later in comment-land.

  • In reply to Megan Traynor:

    Thanks for the creep ;). See ya round!

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