Weekend Getaway Grub

Happy 2012 everyone!  Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday.  We headed to Galena for the holiday and while everyone else went skiing on Saturday Mike and I went on an impromptu Galena Food Crawl.

While most of the places we stopped were very good there was one that stuck out to Mike and I, The Market House Restaurant.

If you weren't paying attention its easy to walk right past it since the there isn't a first level store front but up those stairs we felt instantly welcomed into their home.

We ate at the bar but how beautiful is the garden room?  Sitting at the bar is always a good way to get to know the staff and I loved the fact that it is family operated - sisters bartending and waitressing and brother Terry manning the kitchen.

We ordered half size appetizers of fried dill pickles and cauliflower - both served with their homemade buttermilk ranch.  Wow was it good.  After that, they(the 3 sisters that were working) kept bringing us stuff to try like their homemade crab dip and the airiest potato chips I've ever had

Not often enough do you walk into a restaurant and leave felling like you just left Great Aunt Suzie's. Be sure to check it out next time you are in Galena :)

Well said, ladies.

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