Carol's Cookies In Da House

Happy Saturday, peeps!  I don't even know where to start but I've fallen in love with Carol's Cookies.  Last Thursday when I arrived to work, I quickly scoured the office for a package I have been waiting for ever since I knew Carol's son, Jeff, kindly sent me some to sample.

You can tell that these cookies come from the heart because they are sent with love.  How cute are the customized tins?  Too bad my name isn't Carol or I'd regift it.

Maybe I will anyway because Carol seems like an amazing lady.  Her story is inspiring and proves that anything is possible.  Ya know what makes her story even more amazing??  It involves cookies and who doesn't like cookies?

Big Boy!!!!!

The cookies are massive as in a half-pound each of all-natural goodness.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  To serve, I followed the directions to thaw for 2 hours and then nuked it for 30 seconds.

Crunchy outside, gooey inside

Can't wait to try the old-fashioned sugar cookie.  Getting tins of cookies probably isn't the best idea before my dress fitting so I'll be sure to share them.  If you are a cookie lover like myself, you can get your hands on em' at most Whole Foods.

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I'm thinking about getting my protein pancakes on in the morning', what are you having?


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