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Breakfast was glorious.  As we all basked in our hungover states, we frantically searched for somewhere to eat.

Chefs Feed app to the rescue! After scrolling through several different prospects, we(by "we" I mean I not me) landed on The Bristol.  The atmosphere was warm and cozy and exactly what we needed after a long night out.  I loved the industrial looking lighting and huge chalkboard wall.

I went with 2 eggs your way(scrambled with cheese), toast, and breakfast potatoes.  It comes with bacon or sausage but neither option was made with turkey so I opted for a house salad.

The items that really shined on my plate were the potatoes(doused in the homemade hot sauce obviously) and the freshly made jelly.  Yes you read that right, they make a fresh jelly daily and today was apricot.  It was more like a syrup than a jelly but its was amazing.  I washed it all down with lots of h20 and a few pear bellinis.

Time to stretch out and let all my food digest :)

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