Great American Cooking Expo


Thanks to Groupon we found this fun-filled event that took place last Saturday and Sunday at the Arlington Heights Racecourse.

For most boozies in the Chicago-land area, this was a really fun event to attend however for the foodies out there it sort of lacked in the food sample department.    There were only two food sample lines of which featured Korean food and every cheese known to man.  I would guess there were a lot people who left the event a little tipsy from the abundance of booze samples and lack of food samples.

The highlight of the event for me was finding local vendors who were passionate about their "claim to fame" products.  Take Martha's Hot Mustard that was being sold by Martha herself.


Its so nice to meet the person who hand mixed my mustard.    We also met Mary Pat and Mark from Door County Wildwood Market who sold us their homegrown-homemade chopped cherry jam and let us try their heavenly homemade fudge.

We both agreed we would attend the event again next year but we'll be sure to eat before we go.

Did anyone else attend this event?  If so, what'd ya think?

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