Wining and Dining at Eduardo's Enoteca

Tucked away inside an old movie theater, in our city’s breathtaking Gold Coast neighborhood, lies Eduardo’s Enoteca. Something about the old fashioned train station like curb appeal, the gorgeous exposed ceiling, and the quaint, candle clad interior screams date night.  Or a girls night out. Or just a whatever night out.  Pretty much just any... Read more »

Valentine's Day: DIY Edition

Growing up my Ma always made Valentines day into something extra special.  Whether it be hearts decorated all over the kitchen or a Valentine addressing party, there was always a bunch of love dumped into the day.  Now that I am an adult(wahhhh), I want to carry on the tradition even though I do think... Read more »

Katic Breads: A Little Piece of Heaven

Well it happened.  I relentlessly stalked the Katic booth, at the Lisle and Hinsdale farmers market, enough to get their contact information.  After the markets closed, I reached out to Dusan and somehow weaseled my way into their kitchen. As I walked into the bakery I was greeted by the warm sun peaking thru the... Read more »

Holiday Sweets: Peppermint Snowballs

It’s funny how something that us Midwesterners tend to complain about, the weather, can actually become a time capsule of memories.    The white blanket of snow that covers the ground outside transports me back in time to when I was a kid.  Growing up there were lots of days spent building snow forts, making... Read more »

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Salsa Verde Turkey Enchiladas

Have you hit the I can’t eat any more leftover turkey sandwiches wall yet?  If you are like me and the thought of another sandwich makes ya want to cry, I have a recipe for you.  Enter turkey enchiladas.  Initially I thought I’d go the more traditional route and use my turkey in a soup... Read more »

Parkers' Pizza Party

Nestled alongside I-88 in Downers Grove, a western suburb of Chicago, lies Parkers’ Restaurant and Bar.  Once you make your way inside, it is immediately apparent why everyone raves about it.   The passion you feel when you are dining at Parkers’ is unlike anywhere else I have been lately and I’m just going to say... Read more »

Homemade Applesauce Equals Apple Cider Cupcakes

Remember when I mentioned I have a produce hoarding problem?   Well my dad, the instigator that he is, dropped off a Jewel sized basket of apples from his tree off in my garage.  He’s a bandit, I swear.  With Mikes nagging to use them up, I set out on a two day adventure of making applesauce.... Read more »

Top Ways To Use Up Garden Veggies

I have a confession to make….I am a veggie hoarder.  It happens every year, my dad has a ginormous garden and we have a pretty big one and I always end up reaching that oh shit phase when I just have too much.  I know it’s all my fault, I just can’t say no to... Read more »

Amylu Sausages: Keepin the Summer Vibe Alive

So I know it sounds redundant and I am probably being overly dramatic, but I always get a little over-the-top when September begins and I know summer is coming to an end.  In all fairness I love fall, it’s just the snow word that I don’t get excited about.  Although it will soon be time to... Read more »

End Of Summer Events: Windy City Wine Festival

I don’t know about you but with the start of September I can’t help but go into panic mode that fall is pretty much right around the corner. In order to soothe some of those panics, how about we spend the weekend sipping on 345 wines from around the world at the Windy City Wine... Read more »