Fatboy Slim- Praise You Like I Shouldn't!

I imagine most people know that North Coast Music Festival was this past weekend, and perhaps some of you even attended?

I chose to get dirty Saturday only, as the lineup wasn't extremely impressive this year (North Coast if you would like my assistance next year; I'm all yours..Calvin Harris maybe, Miike Snow, Daft Punk). Anyway, RJD2 was pretty amazing with their Mad Men intro..that's right! Then I got down to Carl Cox who always makes me smile, jump up & down, breakdance fight...you know the basics. The real shocker was Fatboy Slim at the end....

Electronic Music to me is like sex- there should be some foreplay (a bit of a teaser to get you in the mood), then you get into the meaty part (continue building with different tracks), and finally you climax (it's time to show your O-Face)! Fatboy Slim's set was a bit like this: awkward conversation, attempted kiss, and then you head-butt each other, finally make it to the bed...no condom- screw it (not literally) the moment is lost!

I'm very sad to say this- honestly! Fatboy played mainstream junk, and he dropped Tupac's California Love within the first 20 minutes of his set (A. This is Chicago B. No thanks) He then tried to save face with I'm in Chicago Bitch..C'mon! Where's the Fatboy that played Big Beach Boutique at Brighton Beach in front of 250,000 people and wrecked the decks?

When I saw Fatboy Slim at SmartBar later..I couldn't even say anything about his set (instead I opted to ask about Brighton Beach) I'll leave you with part of Fatboy's Big Beach Boutique video to remember the good ole days, & say at his ripe age of 48 it could be time to hang up the headphones!


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