Rahm- are you with us or against us? Chicago arts gone poopy....

Alright, I know it's been over a week since the Trib article Arts leaders Speak Up- Is Rahm listening yet I need to speak my mind peoples!

The Chicago arts are continuously talked about, and never heard! When I say Chicago arts I'm talking the small neighborhood businesses/theaters/schools/bars that set up shop (whether for profit or non profit) to showcase their work, and then the following happens: they end up competing with one another for the little money that exists ....and there goes their livelihood! How do they survive? I'll give you a clue: they barely do!

First example would be Dance Chicago; how does one expect to put together a festival with no funds, theaters that are struggling to make it, and dancers who need to jump through fiery hula hoops to make a few bucks? When you cut a festival's budget to 1/5th  of what it used to be; the local economic re-precautions are endless. Don't we want more money for our neighborhoods, businesses, & artists?

Let's get it together now folks! What about the art amusement tax? It kills Chicago's new artists ability to exist, and each company is competing for grants & business like a bunch of blood thirsty vampires!

I don't have the answers by any means, or as much power to change things...but I have an idea?!?! Think about how social media has changed our lives? If you do it properly (like I try with Dance Chicago)- it's all about givers gain. Can't we do this with the arts? Instead of taking out each others knees Nancy Kerrigan style..we could always extend an arm, hand, vice grip, whatever..

Rahm said he wants to help the neighborhood arts, but what if he's just another Windy City politician (sorry Rahm, yet given the predeceasing facts I had to say it). Daley thought tourism was most important when it came to the arts, yet first &  foremost we need Chicago land to support the arts. This means we all must help one another, and then pray that Rahm catches on!  Let's all get on the Rahm bandwagon & reinforce how the arts need to be seen, heard, and watched damnit!

Rahm: you have the chance to be the politician we truly give props to; so be all you can be and just do it!

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  • See, this is why parents tell their kids to go to medical school or law school, that way, if you do want to paint or dance, you won't be broke as hell for the rest of your life.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Lol...True, true! Sometimes people just really love what they do & I feel bad that it doesn't pay the big bucks;( Thanks for your input & for reading!

  • @gwill - I guess I'm reluctantly in agreement. Rahm is having to make some pretty tough economic choices and many of us will be disappointed in them. Mark Angelson is the guy prioritizing these choices for Rahm and I guarantee that he will present a balanced budget regardless of the disappointment it causes. I worked at RRD when Mark took over as CEO and I can guarantee that he will leave nothing even remotely questionable uncut.

    So that leaves the Arts depending on public support, which is pretty much the tradition since 5th century BC Athens. I admire the folks trying to make a living at this. As a part-time musician I appreciate how hard that is. I wouldn't be able to do it.

    I'm doing a web site for a spiritual jazz artist right now and I'm convinced that creative use of social media is a critical key to survival in this space. But the money is not going to come from governments... at least not until deficits get reduced significantly.

    Hey Rehna -- give us a Twitter sign-in :)

  • In reply to Glenn:

    Wow, thanks for sharing. It's definitely going to be hard for everyone in knowing that the arts are the first thing cut...period!

    I agree Social Media can really help in survival of the arts, yet we need to do it properly & support each other. Social media is there to help as long as you utilize it in the proper manner.

    Thanks so much for reading & commenting. I appreciate the time it takes to have your opinion be heard!

    Great comment!

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