Ari Weinzweig's Bacon-nomics!

How many of you have heard of Bacon Fest? What about Zingermans Deli..Camp Bacon perhaps? The one thing (well maybe not a thing) these all have in common is Ari Wenzweig: The Master Baconator, Best Selling Author, and James Beard Award Winner!

Lemon Tree Grocer's Zest of Downers Grove was lucky enough to have Ari grace their cafe's presence yesterday for the event "Swine, Wine, & Hops"  Now, if you're too slow to read and understand what the evening consisted of let me translate: "Swine, Wine, and Hops!" (Glad we're on the same pig..sorry: page....hehe)

There was an absolutely amazing bacon-induced menu consisting of items such as: Zingerman's Pimento Spread on Pretzel with a Pancetta crisp, BLT's with Niman Ranch Bacon, Duck Confit, and much more.. along with your choice of a wine or beer pairing! (You can see some of the scrumptious food pictures on Lemon Tree Grocer's Fan Page)!

If you missed it; you must attend Camp Bacon to get the full effect, and then some. Camp Bacon originally was a fictional element of Ari's book Zingerman's Guide to Better Bacon, that is now a reality. Doesn't Camp Bacon just sound edible and mouthwatering? (If you said no, please turn around, as I will be cutting the bacon off YOUR back) If you are a bacon lover- pass Go, collect your $200, & watch the video below so you can get a glimpse of what last night consisted of!

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