Lockdown gives Kuma's a Run for their Meat-treat!


Ok, I definitely write about awesome bars and restaurants more often than not, yet I can't friggin help myself! I'm like a 400 lb man in well..I'm not really sure how much I weigh,but my midget stature wouldn't allow me to be that heavy without a forklift carryin my ass (just my ass)!

Here's the next burger joint you must open your mouth to: Lockdown Bar & Grill in Ukranian Village! I had the official Lockdown Warden, and I'm pretty sure the guy sitting on the opposite side of me was complaining about the smell from the truffle oil, fried leeks, onions, and more!

You know what I say: bad breath doesn't come from garlic, truffle oil, or onions..It comes from your stanky halitosis smellin breath that needs to go to the dentist! (My last appointment was in March, how about you)?

Also, we checked in on Foursquare and got a FREE Schlitz (you can have Miller Lt as well, but I don't drink light beer)! The bartender was awesome, and talking to us about her favorite stoner movies, and only enjoying special mushrooms!

I'll be back for sure, and I have to say the one thing (besides the burgers really are amazing) get some damn Golden Monkey, or I'll be forced to hit Francisco & Belmont to visit Kuma's!!!

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