Hard Knock Life at Cafe Fresco

So, where can you go to hear some crazy Kid Rock song one minute, then they bring it back to "Hard Knock Life" Jay-Z style next: Cafe Fresco bitches!!!!

This place is a definite hidden gem in the West Loop. The bartenders Angela, Alana, and hold on....I'm getting a bit ferclempt: Camila (her last day was Sunday because she got a big-girl job) are fuckin amazing!

The one thing most of the bars/restaurants in this damn city seem to lack is a good bar-keep (I used to bartend, so don't mind the evil terms people). Someone that keeps both your water and alcoholic beverage glass full, lets you play dominos, and just plain cracks my shit up is what you call a damn beer wench folks!

I do have to mention for you to browse the photos down below for some amazing pics of their patio you would NEVER know existed! Also, if you think you're the next American Idol they now have Karaoke every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month ( I sound like a squealing dead animal, so I might have to pass)

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