Stray vs. Feral

We all can notice a cute neighborhood cat from a mile away, but how do you know if a cat is a stray or feral? The main difference between stray and feral cats is socialization. Socialization for cats is when they build a relationship with humans and are friendly toward people. It is critical that kittens become comfortable with humans very early on; this means being held, spoken to and played with consistently. Feral cats will never be able to be adopted and are best suited living outdoors. On the other hand, stray cats have had consistent interaction with humans and have the potential of becoming comfortable in a home again. It’s important to evaluate a cat’s body language and behavior to determine whether any further steps need to be taken. Learn more information on the differences between stray and feral cats at


Meet Jaba!

Meet Jaba

Meet Elliott!

Meet Elliott


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