School of Dog Training

School of Dog Training

Training plays an important role in the demeanor of dogs towards animals and humans. At The Anti-Cruelty Society, the School of Dog Training program offers a “Levels Training” that focuses on cultivating a positive relationship between owners and pets.

There are four levels, which include Starting Out, Manners Training, Adding Distractions, and Advanced Training. These levels teach pets basic manners, commands, socialization skills, and more. With a levels membership, individuals are eligible to attend drop-in classes as often as preferred. To enroll, purchase a levels training package, sign up and attend an orientation, and then pick your classes.

There are many adoptable animals, like Coco and Lady, waiting to participate in this program with you. To sign up, click here.

Meet Polo! A gentle five-year-old male looking for a new best friend!

Meet Coco

Meet Mickey! A lovable eleven-year-old female looking for her forever home.

Meet Lady










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