Supertramp wrote my life story

Today I’ve been asked to write about something I believed when I was a child that, as an adult, I no longer know to be true.  Where to begin? While there are too many to mention in this space, I’d have to say that when I was young I thought that tragedy brought people closer... Read more »

Daring greatly: Teddy Roosevelt had it right.

As the votes are counted in precincts across the country and each of us has had time to let the results sink in, I’m reminded of why what we do is so important. Teddy Roosevelt said “It is not critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where... Read more »

Why my best writing will never be published.

Thinking about the best writing I’ve ever done, I readily dismiss the two books I wrote.  Same with the thesis I created for my masters degree.  Even passionate, published letters to the editor on behalf of an issue dear to me don’t qualify. Nope.  The best thing I ever wrote was a note to my... Read more »
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Men are microwaves, women are crock-pots

So tonight’s edition of Blog-a-paloozza is to write about something we wish we knew back then.  Hum, where to start? On the eve of my 49th birthday, I think of all the on-the-job training I had when it comes to knowing about men.  I don’t have any brothers and was raised by my phenomenal mom... Read more »

A funny thing happened on the road less traveled

Poetry.  It sounds so beautiful and describes aspects of life so perfectly.  Poetry has the power to inspire dreams and put thoughts into action.  Too bad poetry doesn’t come with a warning label that sometimes when you roll the dice, you lose your shirt. Our Blogmaster has challenged our team to write about a time... Read more »

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So tonight’s Blog-a-paloozza challenge asks us to write about something we find beautiful that others might not understand. In the eye of this beholder, there is nothing so beautiful as vulnerability and honoring one’s truth.  So what does that mean? Beauty, at its core, is about purity, essence and joy.  We find beauty in art,... Read more »

No iPad? No iPod? No iPhone? iDon't care.

For years now, each of my three children has tried to wear me down to a nub trying to get me to cave on all-things-tech. We are (painfully) old school and value face time over FaceTime and we over Wii. All of this, of course, is against the backdrop of moans and groans of how... Read more »

What's the first envelope you open when the mail comes?

Growing up, my mom insisted that I write a note to every person who gave me a present.  Every person, every gift, every time.  Not that I got so many presents that I couldn’t keep up.  Yes, I groaned a little, but  was reminded that if I did not send a note of thanks I... Read more »

Is the Super Bowl really that super?

It’s not what you think.  I love football!  I grew up idolizing Walter Payton, married a former semi-pro football player and have cheered by younger son in five seasons of junior football (coached by his dad, of course).  As a dear friend’s dad would say “I got no beef” with football. What I DO have... Read more »

George Washington didn't and neither do I.

So tonight we were asked by our BlogMaster to write about a time we lied.  The email unveiling the topic was sent nearly an hour ago and I’m just now getting started. Why has it taken me so long? Have I lied in my lifetime?  You bet, some real whoppers.  The biggest one that jumps... Read more »