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Belching cows, Food Inc. and campaign finance reform: My lunch with Stonyfield Farm CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg

Last Thursday, I took a break from my usual routine of errands, school pick-up/drop-off, and playing peek-a-boo with my adorable baby to join a few other lucky Chicagoans for a lunch at Frontera Grill with Gary Hirshberg, CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farm. As a mother to three little yogurt-lovers (and a believer in healthy, sustainable food),... Read more »

A Tasty and Healthy Lunch at the Zoo? Yes, It's True.

Photo by Caitlin Murray Giles I have had my fair share of disgusting lunches at the zoo (both Brookfield and Lincoln Park). And for that reason, I usually pack our lunches when we make an excursion to visit our animal friends. But my chaotic morning left no time for packing sack lunches so we found... Read more »