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Blogapalooza Q & A

Blogapalooza is coming up in just two days. I’m getting pretty excited about the whole thing. Just to recap, Blogapalooza is an event taking place on Thursday, September 24 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the 900 N. Michigan Shops. I am going to be the featured blogger in the Kid’s Korner. I’ve received a... Read more »

Bring your Babes to Blogapalooza

On Thursday, September 24, ChicagoNow and the 900 North Michigan Shops are joining together for an event called Blogapalooza. Bloga what? Why is she telling me this? What is she talking about? Must be some geeky blogger version of Lollapalooza. This doesn’t sound family-friendly. I came to this blog to find out about the best... Read more »

Baby, it's hot outside: two good spots for indoor play

Chicago parents wait patiently through the long winter months — dreaming of the glorious time when their kids can play outdoors . . . and then summer finally arrives and it is often just too hot to go outside. On a day like today when the heat index is 106 and the kids are eager... Read more »