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Not-too-scary Halloween stories

Are you gearing up for Halloween at your house? Got the pumpkins? And the costumes? What about your Halloween reading? My kiddos love a good holiday-themed read (and I love the change of pace from our usual favorites). Here is a list of some of our favorite (but not-too-scary) Halloween reads. Pssst . . .... Read more »

Want to win a free one-year subscription to Readeo? Read on.

Last weekend, my kids read books face-to-face with their eighteen month-old cousin who lives in Boston. And it all took place on the computer using Readeo. I know, this sounds a bit confusing at first. I felt that same way when I met with Chicago dad Coby Neuenschwander a few months ago and he told... Read more »

Psst . . . want to know how to get a free children's book from Barnes & Noble?

Summertime means pools, beaches, camps, lazy mornings and vacations. But summer is also a great time to keep those little brains growing with some extra reading and writing! I already mentioned the Chicago Public Library’s summer reading program but I also wanted to make sure that you about the great summer reading program at Barnes &... Read more »