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Every Mom should have Bluetooth

Every Mom should have Bluetooth
You aren’t supposed to use your hand-held cell phone while you are driving. I know that you already know this. I also know that you still occasionally do it — just like I do.  In Illinois, drivers are required to be “hand-free.” But here is the thing – it is really tough to be truly... Read more »

Brunch with the Bump Club (plus my tips on the best family freebies in Chicago)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending my morning with some expectant and new mamas at the monthly Bump Club and Beyond Brunch at Vinci. I was part of a panel of Chicago mommy bloggers including Cindy McCarthy of On the Go Chicago, Linda Marsicano of Babble Chicago and my buddy and business partner Sara... Read more »

Summer Links

Are you having a good summer so far? Me too. We’ve been doing all sorts of fun activities around town — and then I’ve been busy blogging about it all. I am writing another blog for the months of June and July called School’s Out!. I’ve been posting about family-friendly activities in and around Chicago... Read more »

Happy First Birthday Wee Windy City!

My baby is one year-old already. Not that baby — my blog baby. In May of 2009, I had this crazy idea to pitch a blog about raising kids in the city to the folks at ChicagoNow. One year and over 200 blog posts later, Wee Windy City is still going strong! I am having... Read more »


I am kind of a disaster as a housewife. My kids get fed and I am no stranger to my vacuum but things are still always a mess. The toy situation is totally out of control. I would do anything to have my own personal laundress to help me get a handle on the piles... Read more »

How important is my vacuum? Let me count the ways

A Dyson vacuum (that I do not own). When you have kids that are as messy as mine (and you do, right?), a vacuum is a mommy’s best friend. I know that may sound sort of sad and pathetic, but it is absolutely true (says the crazy vacuum-obsessed lady). When your floor is constantly strewn... Read more »

More Parenting Resources on Chicago Now!

Chicago Now has recently launched two new parenting blogs that I thought Wee Windy City readers might want to know about. The Green Mama is a one-stop resource for all things related to green parenting in Chicago and beyond. Manda Aufochs Gillespie, the founder of The Green Mama, has been a valuable resource for me... Read more »

Top ten Chicago parenting blogs and resources of 2009

I wanted to tell you about some of the very best parenting blogs and resources in and around Chicago for 2009. Who says that these sites are so great? I do. What criteria am I using? These are simply the sites that I find most helpful as I navigate my way around Chicago with my... Read more »

Here's linking at you, kid (December edition)

As usual, I’ve been spending way too much time perusing other parenting blogs when I should have been vacuuming or reading a classic novel or wrapping presents. But I also learned a few interesting things along the way. So I thought I would share a few more good links with you. Over at Chicago Moms... Read more »

Blogapalooza Q & A

Blogapalooza is coming up in just two days. I’m getting pretty excited about the whole thing. Just to recap, Blogapalooza is an event taking place on Thursday, September 24 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the 900 N. Michigan Shops. I am going to be the featured blogger in the Kid’s Korner. I’ve received a... Read more »