Who is afraid of the big, bad wolf? I am.

Who is afraid of the big, bad wolf? I am.

Sometimes the big, bad wolf comes and tries to blow your house down.

The wolf looks different for everybody. It can be an illness or death in the family. Maybe the wolf comes in the form of changes in finances or relationships.

So far, 2014 has brought me a lot of uncertainty. I've learned that even when you think you are doing everything right, life can bring the unexpected. You can't prevent the wolf from appearing on your doorstep. That bastard tends to show up uninvited. It isn't always clear how to shoo him away. But I do believe that you can build a house that he can't blow it down.

What is your house built out of? Did you start with a solid foundation? Is the house intended to be functional? Beautiful? Is is designed to weather a storm? It is time to think about remodeling?

While this particular wolf is huffing and puffing, I am confident that my house will remain standing. I know who I am. I know what I want for the future. I am working hard and relying on the help of others to fortify the perimeter. Are there cracks? Sure. Doesn't every house have its fair share? But I think I can count on the house that I've built over the past 37 years. It has kept a variety of wolves at bay in the past and I am relying on the fact that my house will continue to protect and provide until I look out the window and see the this particular wolf isn't lurking around the corner every day.

Am I afraid of the big, bad wolf? You bet. Am I going to let him blow this girl's house down? No sir.

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