Surviving sickness (family-style)

Surviving sickness (family-style)

Everyone is sick. Seriously. Everyone. At least one member of my family is currently sick or has been sick in the past two weeks. We’ve cycled through everything from Fifth’s Disease to strep throat to a stomach bug to your standard winter cold.

One person gets better. Another goes down. The school attendance line is an autodial. We’re going through a box of Kleenex a day. One of my little friends visits my bed nearly every night in need of extras snuggles, a dose of Tylenol or a change of sheets due to a vomiting incident.

Mama is tired.

Through this rough patch of bad health, I’ve learned a couple of valuable lessons that I thought I would share.

(1) Parents don’t keep their sick kids home.

When your kid has a fever or is blowing copious amounts of snot out of their nose, he or she is sick. If you send them to preschool, the other kids in the class (plus the poor teachers) are sure to get sick as well. Do your part by keeping sick kids home. I know that a kid unexpectedly home from school can really throw a wrench in your weekday schedule, but I’ve had it with parents who knowingly send their sick little ones out in the world to sneeze their disease all over the rest of us. Everyone has to do their part.

(2) If you don’t take care of yourself, you too are going down.

Moms can’t get sick. Moms can’t stay in bed for a day of rest when they feel a cold coming on. But you will pay for it -- eventually. I am definitely guilty of going, going, going and making what could have been a simple cold something much worse and ultimately more prolonged. Mamas, when you feel something coming on, listen to your body. Pop an Airborne, call in the reserves and take to your bed for a nap.

(3) When someone gets sick, throw everyone’s tooth brushes away and get new ones.

Don’t make me elaborate. Just do it.

(4) Know that this will pass.

When your kids are constantly sick, sometimes it feel like the world is judging you. Surely, your kids are passing their illnesses on to each other because you are a terrible housekeeper who doesn’t disinfect, and no one in your home ever washes their hands, right? Wrong, These prolonged bouts of sickness happen to all families at one time or another. Know that there is a healthier future on the other side of this miserable Chicago winter.

Wishing you and yours good health this winter (and please stay home if you can’t count yourself amongst the healthy).

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