Mancow Muller says the city of Chicago is "unlivable for families"

In a Chicago Tribune article published today, "shock jock" Erich Mancow Muller says that he recently moved from the city to Wilmette because, "I think they've done a good job of making the city unlivable for families." And he also called kids who go to public school stupid. You know.... because he is a shock jock  and all.

He cites the following reasons for his move:

(1) The schools are terrible. He clarifies that he could send his kids to public school but he doesn't want them to be "stupid." He goes on to explain that tuition at the British School was "killing" him.

(2) There were apparently always homeless people outside the door of his Lincoln Park condo.

(3) The parking expenses are crazy (Frankly, I am with him on this one -- but it isn't exactly budget-friendly living up in Wilmette either).

(4) His quality of life in Wilmette is apparently fantastic and "80% of his stress is gone."

What say you city families? Is this just a guy who loves attention giving an interview designed to get him some more attention? Is he right about some or all of this? In my view, Muller has some good points here -- but none that make me inclined to call a realtor in Wilmette.

What do you guys think? Is he simply saying what lots of other people are thinking when they move out of the city with their kids? Or is he just being a jerk trying to get attention (see: bloggers like me who will write about this article and give him more attention).




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