My son showed my underwear to his preschool class

My son showed my underwear to his preschool class

My four year-old son Colin attends full-day preschool. After lunch, there is a "nap time." Now, this child hasn't taken an actual nap in over two years. However, he still insists on bringing a blanket and teddy bear with him to school each week in the event that he decides to take a little siesta.

So this blanket and teddy bear come home each Friday to be washed and returned to school on Monday. And that brings me to my story. 

When I picked Colin up from school on Monday he said (giggling), "Your underwear is in my backpack." Being the distracted mother that I am, I thought that Colin said that HIS underwear was in his backpack so I began inquiring about accidents, outfit changes, etc.

"Oh no, Mommy," Colin said. "Not MY underwear. YOUR underwear."

Say what?

Colin explained (again with a huge smile in his face because even four year-olds know that underwear is funny): "When I took my teddy bear out of my bag today, your underwear was attached to his arm. You know, that big, black pair you wear (side note: this is perhaps the most painful part of the entire story for me). So I showed it to all of my friends. Jacob touched your underwear. Cody touched your underwear. Isabella touched your underwear. And then my teacher told me that I should put it in my bag. It was REALLY funny. My friends laughed so hard."

When I picked Colin up on Monday, his very sweet teacher looked at me with what I now understand was perhaps a little bit of pity. Because you know..... it would have been really awkward for her to have to explain this story to me.

What is that saying again? If you can't laugh at yourself, then you have no business laughing at anyone else? Yeah. Something like that.


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