Here's to moms helping moms

Here's to moms helping moms

Sometimes women can be truly shitty to one another. This was true in the fifth grade when playground spats broke out over who is REALLY your best friend. This same dynamic really gets going in high school when the mean girls truly come into form and prey upon the vulnerable and the awkward (I was squarely in the latter category). I've also experienced variations on this girl-on-girl meanness in the workplace as women compete for promotions, recognition, etc. and generally try to keep each other down instead of lift each other up.

But all of this catty bull shit doesn't compare to how mean moms can be to one another. It is brutal. This isn't a overt kind of a mean. It is more of a snide, judgey, "I'm nodding my head and saying one thing but inside I'm thinking about all of the ways that I am a better mom than you" kind of a thing. Even though one might expect that mothers with young kids would have a "we're all in this together" vibe going, that just isn't the case. Moms are constantly judging other moms. It is disheartening really.

But sometimes there are notable exceptions to this unfortunate rule.

There have been times when another mom stepped up and literally saved my day through small gestures of support.

So here's to the mom who helped me lug strollers, kids and luggage off of a Southwest flight in Pittsburgh when I was traveling alone with three kids in tears.

Here is to the mom who shared a fresh diaper and a clean onesie with me when my little guy had a complete diaper blow out at the park -- and I had of course neglected to pack even one diaper in my mess of a diaper bag.

And here's to the mom at school who invited all three of my kids over for an afterschool play date when she knew that I am overwhelmed and didn't make me feel bad about it for a second.

Here's to more moms recognizing that we are in fact all in this together. And here is to ME (and YOU too) helping a fellow mama out when she needs it.

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