5 Reasons to visit Dinges Farm this Fall

5 Reasons to visit Dinges Farm this Fall

A word of pumpkin advice for you all: Don't buy your kids pumpkins from a dollar store parking lot in the city. It is just depressing and un-fall-like.

Instead, you can bring your family to a pumpkin farm in Michigan where you can pick the perfect pumpkin in a proper setting (complete with pony rides!). I've learned this lesson the hard way. I wanted to tell you about Dinges Farm in Three Oaks so you don't make the same mistakes I have.

Dinges is a perfect spot for a fall day trip. It has all of the necessary pumpkin farm trappings, but without going overboard.

(1) Dinges offers horse-pulled hay rides (always a hit!).

(2) A petting zoo! Featuring llamas, a huge variety of birds and a bunch of rabbits. You can pet them all (bring your own hand sanitizer).

(3) Pony rides (for $4 a pop -- which is kind of steep in my opinion, but a pony ride is a pony ride).

(4) Go cart races. This attraction is a real hit with my kiddos every year. Sure, they are just riding around a short track peddling bikes. But they love it.

(5) So many pumpkins! So many gourds! It is a beautiful sight to behold. You'll see varieties that you've never seen before. Most are priced around $3-5. Pick up a bunch of them for your front porch.

All this in a 90 minute drive from the city.

Dinges is open though the fall. I'd also like to recommend that you make an obligatory stop at Redmak's for a burger on the way home.

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