BlogHer in Chicago: The Mommy Bloggers are Coming! The Mommy Bloggers are Coming!

BlogHer in Chicago: The Mommy Bloggers are Coming! The Mommy Bloggers are Coming!

Four years ago, I wrote this post (decide to stick with the same title cause I really liked it the first time around) about my first BlogHer Conference experience in Chicago.

Once again, the city is about to be invaded by the internet-loving, swag-seeking, Pinterest Pros otherwise known as mommy bloggers.

I've been thinking about how my blogging is different now from what I was doing four years ago when the last BlogHer conference was in Chicago. Four years ago, I mostly wrote a personal blog about my family and I had just started Wee Windy City. For me (and I know many others in similar situations), blogging now is really less about the actual blog and more about the social media platforms used to amplify posts and generate page views and interaction -- and then the other opportunities that those interactions lead to. Similarly, the BlogHer Conference is really less about the actual conference and more about all of the surrounding stuff that goes with it.

Most bloggers I know don't blog every day on their own blogs. They update their sites here and there. But they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest daily. They contribute to collaborative sites. They do some freelance writing. They partner with brands. They are working on businesses that were born from their blogging experience. 

Sure, the blogs are still the common thread that tie all of these other activities together, but it is an increasingly marginalized part of the larger picture.

Same sort of thing is true for BlogHer. BlogHer was once *the* blogging conference to be at. Participants eagerly attended session after session and networked their way through the expo floor. My sense is that this year's BlogHer conference is more about the activities taking place around the actual conference than the conference itself. I attended two parties last night and found that only one person I talked to had actually purchased a ticket to the conference itself.

So while my week is literally packed with BlogHer-related work and personal activities, I am not attending the actual conference. But part of me wishes that I was. Part of me wishes that I could shut out all of the noise social media, networking, etc. and just focus on writing blog posts. Maybe four years from now when BlogHer rolls back into town again, I will be in a place where that makes sense for me. But not this year. Too much other stuff going on (for good or for bad).

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