Superheros Unite at the Chicago Children's Museum

Superheros Unite at the Chicago Children's Museum

Zap! Pow! Whoosh! Dust off that cape and drop the alter ego, because all local superheros are needed at the new Superheroes Unite! exhibit at Chicago Children’s Museum (CCM).

During the months of April and May, children and families visiting the museum will have the opportunity to discover their own extraordinary abilities. This exhibit focuses on encouraging kids to use their creativity and imagination to create their own adventures.

Programs for Superheroes Unite! will take place every day, with several opportunities for children and families to discover and hone a variety of superpowers. Highlights include:

  • Super Power Challenge - Test your superpowers throughout the museum. Complete the eight challenges on your Power Card, and you’ll be ready for action!
  • Superhero Capes Make a cape that represents your superhero identity. Decorate your cape to announce your unique powers and personality!
  • Pledge Your Powers - Do you promise to have fun and do good? Take our pledge and earn a gold “Official Superhero” sticker.
  • Make It Fly! - What makes something fly? What makes it soar, dip, plummet, sail and crash? Explore flight with one of our Tinkerers-in-Residence.
  • Gadget Power - If you’re up for the challenge, make yourself a pocket-sized mini-gizmo to boost your superpowers!
  • Super Sidekicks (Artabounds Studio) – Even the most powerful avenger needs a hand now and then. Assemble a super sidekick finger puppet out of fabric and other super stuff!


  • Super-Secret (and Super-Small) Superhero Lairs (Artabounds Studio) – Every defender of truth and justice needs a break once in a while! Whether it’s a cave, fortress or satellite orbiting the moon, create a model superhero lair using beautiful buttons, recycled mini-materials and other super stuff!

In addition to these programs, CCM is also hosting a Comic Book Bonanza the weekend of April 20 and 21. Visitors will meet several Chicago comic book vendors and view some of their most prized comics and memorabilia. Local comic book artists will be at the event as well, teaching children their craft and helping them create their own comic book art to take home.

Superheroes Unite! runs through May 31. For more information on specific dates and times, please visit CCM’s website calendar.


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