Groceries and Gas

Groceries and Gas
This view look familiar?

Every week, I buy groceries. And every week I put gas in my car. You too? You don't say.....

I spend a lot of cash on these two basic necessities every month. Dominick's (you know, the grocery folks) have a super easy-to-use new program that helps you save money on gas just for buying your groceries at their store. I already shop at Dominick's a couple of times a month. And if there are ways to save money that don't involve me doing anything other than what I am currently doing, I am in.

Through the Dominick’s Gas Rewards Program, you use your rewards card when you shop (I imagine that you already do this) and you earn points at participating Exxon and Mobil locations. So last week, I spent $104 and I earned 80 points. Once I reach 100 points, I will got 10 cents off per gallon at participating locations. When I reach 200 points, I will get 20 cents off per gallon at participating locations (this could add up in no time given the Giles family eating habits....). Gas rewards expire at the end of the following month in which they were earned.

That is all. End of story. Save money on gas and groceries just for buying gas and groceries.

Disclosure: Dominick's provided me with a $100 gift card to see how the program works. I used it on one of my weekly trips to the store.


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