Chicago Children's Museum debuts new Tinkering Lab

Chicago Children's Museum debuts new Tinkering Lab

I am a sucker for the Chicago Children’s Museum (CCM). Each visit is a chance to discover something new (not just saying that.... it is true)  Last week, the CCM debuted a new a permanent exhibit called the Tinkering Lab. This is a place where kids can use real tools and materials. They love stuff like that. Those crazy kids.

Inspired by the national Maker Movement, CCM has developed an experience unlike any other in Chicago. This is a DIY maker space for families. Do what you will (or won't) in this unstructured, creative space.

I really dig their new tagline for this exhibit: Real tools. Real science. Really for kids.

I also love that this new option reaches out to older kids who may have outgrown some of the other exhibits at the CCM. This exhibit is designed to reach kids between the ages of 9-13. Yes, those very kids who think they are too old for the CCM! Make them go check it out just to prove them wrong!

Highlights include the Pegboard Challenge, which features a series of gears, balls, chutes and other loose parts, engages visitors as soon as they walk into the space and the Tool Bar with its diverse selection of tool options.  The Early Learning Nook offers the museum’s youngest visitors with a safe, protected space of their own. The area features interactive wall panels, touchable tools and found objects, loose shakers and other repurposed items.

Add this one to the "to do" list friends. I'll be sharing some pics of the space when we get a chance to visit later this month.




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