The case for active (big and little) girls

The case for active (big and little) girls

On many, many days, I don my "lululemon uniform."  I've invested in a couple of basic lululemon pieces (a tank, zip-up jacket, cute headband and a pair of basic black yoga pants that I've had for almost five years). Sometimes I wear this outfit to a Dailey Method class. Other times I sleep in it and roll out of bed to drive the kids to school in my "uniform" (they wake up super early -- don't judge). This outfit has seen me through pregnancy and postpartum pudge. The clothes hold their fit and are super comfortable. This is my "uniform" on casual days and I am sticking with it. However, I mostly wear it because I feel like being dressed to exercise makes me more likely to actually exercise.

Like most kids, I was active everyday when I was younger -- playing basketball, volleyball and tearing it up in our neighborhood afterschool every day. Like many other busy adults, my work and family responsibilities seem to eat up most of my time and on most days, I am not as active as I'd like to be (Note: I am running around like a crazy person all day long; I'm just not necessarily raising my heart rate and breaking a sweat).

Sometimes, I envy my eight year-old daughter's active, balanced life. Her school day includes gym or dance class, plus a half an hour of recess at lunch. At various times throughout the year, she participates in ballet, soccer, basketball and Girls on the Run.  Active exercise is a daily part of her life (again, as adults I think we lose the sensible balance of activities that kids get throughout the course of a school day; see also the fact that I don't read enough anymore!).

Now, my daughter can sport a similar "uniform" that fits her active life! I was delighted to learn that an ivivaa store opened in Chicago. Ivivva ( is a young, fresh, athletic brand from lululemon that provides dance-inspired, cross-functional athletic apparel for young girls.  Ivivva recently opened  a showroom that offers brightly colored clothing perfect for dance class, gymnastics, ice-skating, or just about anything that young girls have on their busy schedules.

My daughter is going to be participating in a wide variety of sports and activities this year. I knew that this line would be a great way to outfit her for all of these. As the sister brand to lululemon athletica, ivivva products are similar in quality, function, and technical design, but are designed for a younger generation of athletes. The showroom is open on Thursdays and Fridays 2pm-6pm; Saturdays 10am – 5pm; and Sundays 11am – 5pm.

In this picture, my daughter is sporting the Straight Up Pant II in black ($56), the Tumblin' Tank II ($35) and the Ivivva Hoodie ($68).  Ellie is going to be wearing these items until the pants are floods and the tank could double for a crop top. I know that they will really last (which is important because these items are on the pricey side).

So as we prepare to kick off another school year, I am using my daughter's active schedule as a guide for my own. And we'll both be donning our "uniforms."

Wishing you (and your daughters) an active, healthy school year (no matter what you are wearing).

Disclosure: Ivivva was kind enough to send my daughter the complimentary outfit I pictured above so that we could check it out and share our thoughts with you.

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