Go on a Farmtastic Foodtrek with Illinois Farm Families

Go on a Farmtastic Foodtrek with Illinois Farm Families
Dale and Linda Drendel of Hampshire on their dairy farm

Grocery shopping with kids in tow can be kind of a nightmare. It might not be a nice thing to say . . . but it is unequivocally true. My three kids tend to touch everything in sight as they race around the store asking, "Mom, can we get this??? Please Mom? PLEASE!!"

Sometime we're lucky if we get out of there with all of the ingredients we need to actually make dinner.

Despite my best intentions when I set off to grab groceries with my brood, these trips often end up being exhausting for all involved. But this is just a fact of every day family life for most moms that I know.

However, I also truly believe that all of the hassle associated with these excursions is absolutely worth it. Kids need to accompany mom and dad to the grocery store and the farmers' market so they can learn why we skip the sugar cereal and Twinkies in favor of whole fruits and veggies. They need to understand how a handful of ingredients becomes pesto pasta and why we try to buy in season when we can (both for health and economic reasons).

So listen, I definitely get that it isn't always easy to bring your kids along to the store with you . But your weekly grocery run truly is a great chance to get kids interested in meal preparation and making healthy food choices. And it doesn't stop there. Illinois families are fortunate to have opportunities to really make the connection between farm and table by learning more about local agriculture and how it impacts us every single day.

To that end, Illinois Farm Families just launched a program that will make shopping with the kiddos a whole lot more interactive and educational (plus you could win a ton of free groceries). This is an opportunity that social media savvy families cannot pass up.In an effort to make grocery shopping as a family more fun and informative, Illinois Farm Families just launched a virtual food scavenger hunt that encourages moms and dads to take their kids on a trek to find the food Illinois farmers produce.

Here is how the Farmtastic Foodtrek works:

  • Begin by visiting www.WatchUsGrow.organd clicking on the Farmtastic Food Trek button on the homepage. That link will  lead families to instructions on how to play, as well as the complete contest rules.
  • After getting 15 different food clues from farmers on, families head to their local grocery story to identify the food products.
  • Once families identify the food referenced in the clues, parents use Instagram™ to take pictures of their children holding the products and add the hashtag #foodtrek in the photo comment.
  • Each family needs to upload five accurate photos using the hashtag #foodtrek to qualify for the Family Farm Prize Pack.
  • Entries will be accepted until September 30. Then, Illinois Farm Families will select three families to win a Family Farm Prize Pack consisting of a $500 grocery gift card, a farm tour, farm toys and games.
  • Three random winners will be chosen and will be notified by a comment on their Instagram photo. The family will have to respond to the comment via email within seven days of receiving the comment, providing the original photos and their contact information in the email.

This innovative (and super fun) project is simply designed to open the lines of communication between farmers and consumers. Don't miss out on this really unique opportunity to learn where your food comes from (and make your next family trip to your local grocery store a lot more exciting!)

You can find additional details here: Happy shopping and good luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was asked to help spread the word about this program to Chicago-area families. The thoughts and opinions here (especially my general dislike of grocery shopping with three kids in tow) are mine alone.

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