Slip sliding away: What are you doing to fight the summer slide?

Slip sliding away: What are you doing to fight the summer slide?

How has your summer been so far? Lots of fun and sun? I hope so.

I don't mean to be a huge downer, but it has also probably been about a month since your kids have been out of school. Have you been reading with them to help keep their hard-earned skills sharp? Are you digging out the math flash cards from time to time? Have you had a chance to participate in "real-life" learning opportunities like museum outings?

Summer schedules get busy and both kids and parents forget to practice the skills they acquired during the school year. This phenomenon is known as the "summer slide." And it is a fairly large problem. In fact, it has made me question why most schools still have a three-month summer break as opposed to several shorter two-week breaks throughout the year. And unfortunately, low-income kids tend to lose the most information during the summer months because they don't have access to the same sorts of enrichment activities as their more affluent peers.

I wrote a story for the July issue of Chicago Parent magazine about the epidemic of the summer slide. Have a look. It will motivate you to make some time for reading with your kids today.


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