Maker Month at the Chicago Children's Museum

Maker Month at the Chicago Children's Museum

This August, Chicago Children's Museum (CCM) is showcasing the timelessness of building, tinkering and plain ol' creating by hosting its first-ever Maker Month. Every afternoon, join local artists, hobbyists, musicians, tinkerers and local Chicago kids to celebrate the joy of making. Every day will feature a different activity, from creating a mini-book to assembling a tasty snack with a chef (mmmm . . . wonder what that is all about).

"So much of what young children learn is a result of their hands-on, concrete experiences,” said Jennifer Farrington, president and CEO of Chicago Children's Museum. “The experience of making things encourages creativity and problem-solving, and has the potential to cultivate life-long learning.”A majority of Maker Month programs start at 2 p.m. daily, and children and families will have plenty of opportunities to have fun
while creating something with their own hands. Programs include:

  • Box Ecology – The ultimate “re-use-it” activity! Transform a greeting card into a unique box to take home. Fun!
  • Whirl-Its – Can you say “thaumatrope?” No, you can't. Create your own spinning toy that demonstrates the scientific principal, persistence of vision, that influenced motion pictures. Here, mom and dad learn something too!
  • Petite Chefs – Learnhow to make a delicious, healthy snack with Chef Delfina from the Washburne Culinary Institute.
  • Live Band Karaoke – Stepup to the microphone and sing one of your favorite songs, accompanied by CCM’s very own Sometimes Band!
  • Creative Creatures – Fashion a finger puppet from felt, create your own creature and put on your own finger-puppet show!
  • The Launchinator – It’s Baaaaack!Come see our giant catapult, The Launchinator, in action, and then make a mini-catapult to take home! You’ll experience the laws of physics, and learn a little about how rocket scientists do their job.

Maker Month begins Aug. 1 and runs through Aug. 31. Program times and dates vary, so be sure to check CCM’s website calendar for more information. Stop in before the kiddos go back to school!



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