Moms! Moms! Moms! A Mother's Day Round Up

Moms! Moms! Moms! A Mother's Day Round Up

I've got so many Mother's Day - related items to share with you that I feel compelled to do a round-up post. You'll find that lame round-up posts are far and few between on Wee Windy City, but sometimes it just has to be done.

Mother's Day is less than a week away. Most women have already made arrangements for all of the mothers and grandmothers in their lives. Thoughtful plans are already in place. Packages have been mailed. Flowers have been ordered.

On the other hand, most of the men out there are probably still a couple of days away from starting to think about Mother's Day at all. SighReady or not (and it is okay to not be ready -- you still have 5 days), I've got some fun Mother's Day ideas for you.

  • Homemade gifts for mom. Make mugs for the mamas in your life. Don't tell our aunts and grandmas, but this is what we made the lovely ladies in our lives for Mother's Day. This project is relatively easy and sure to impress. The customized mugs are dishwasher safe so the gift recipients can really use them and think of you each morning as they sip their coffee! The takeaway here is that moms want their kids to make something homemade for them.
  • Treat mom to an afternoon at DOSE Market. Have you heard about DOSE Market? it is a once monthly market featuring the best in food and fashion from unique vendors from all over Chicago. It is a lovely (kid-free) way to spend an afternoon. Buy a ticket for mom and a friend. She will love you for it.
  • Takin' good care of mama. Motherhood comes with all sorts of surprises. Most of them are wonderful. Others are  . . . . unexpected and sometimes challenging. No matter what the postpartum issue (be it physical, emotional or logistical), there are resources to help new mamas take care of their minds, bodies and spirits.
  • Moms meeting moms. Sure a new mom wants some pampering and maybe a some fresh flowers. But the thing she really needs most is a good new moms group. Here are my ideas on where to start the search in the May issue of Chicago Parent.
  • Rethink breakfast in bed (Dads, I am talking to you here). If you are thinking about getting up early with the kids to surprise mom with some burnt toast and soggy cereal, I have a better idea for you. Order mama breakfast in bed from  Get fresh croissants from Hendrickx, small batch jams from Rarebird Preserves and other artisan goodies delivered to your front door (artizone is my client over at 2 Moms Media, but I'd order from them even if they weren't! Love the concept and the products!) Mom has never seen breakfast in bed like this before.

Other Mother's Day ideas? Go ahead and share in the comments. We could all use some inspiration on ways to say thanks to the mamas in our lives.

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