Lurie Children's Hospital opens June 9th (you know this, right?)

Lurie Children's Hospital opens June 9th (you know this, right?)

I have heard a million commercials and seen a billion bus stops that have mentioned that the new Lurie Children's Hospital opens June 9th (props to their pr folks for a clear, concise and simple message).

If I asked my three year-old when the new Lurie Children's Hospital opens, he would likely tell you "June 9th."  These people really did their job.

I wanted to quickly post about the new hospital --- just to make sure that you all know that it opens on  . .. . . . . all together now . . . JUNE 9th. But also wanted to acknowledge that Chicago-area families are so flipping lucky to have this amazing resource right in our backyard. In my view, this resource is literally one of the very best things about raising kids in Chicago.

Now, we are a generally healthy little family (thank goodness, knocking on wood). However, I have needed the services of the talented and kind folks at Children's Memorial many, many times. A short list:

  • A consult to determine whether my tongue-tied first-born needed surgery
  • Numerous blood tests for subsequent jaundice babies
  • Outpatient surgery for Brendan to have his adenoids removed and ear tubes placed
  • Emergency room visits for middle-of-the-night ear infections
  • Routine blood test for Colin's food allergies
  • A bloody, frantic emergency room visit to have Colin's head stitched up after a nasty fall
  • God only knows what is next.

And we are a pretty healthy family (I swear). I have been grateful to the expertise of the staff at this hospital many, many times. I know that many other families (facing far more dire circumstances) feel the same way. I feel better knowing that this resource is here when I need it (because we will certainly need them again).

I missed the opportunity to attend the press tour a couple of weeks ago because I had a kid home sick from school (although I once again swear that we are a generally healthy family). However, my doctor friends who have seen the space say that it is totally mind-blowing.

Please take a minute to read on so you are in-the-know about the fabulous new Lurie Children's Hospital (here's is hoping that you don't need it -- but you will be glad that it is there if you do).--------

After 130 years of treating the most critically ill children in Chicago and beyond, Children’s Memorial Hospital is moving to a state-of-the-art facility that will enable us to provide better, more efficient care to every child who needs us.  The location of the new hospital, on the downtown campus of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, will increase clinical, academic and research opportunities that will lead to better care for children.

Who the hospital serves:

  • In 2011, Children’s Memorial Hospital served more than 148,000 children from every state and 35 countries around the world.
  • Our medical staff includes 1,100 pediatric specialists in 70 specialties.
  • Children’s Memorial is the pediatric safety net hospital for the region. More than 50 percent of our inpatients are insured by Medicaid and we are the largest provider of pediatric Medicaid services in the State.

New name: When the new hospital opens on June 9, Children’s Memorial Hospital will become Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, in recognition of $100 million gift from Chicago philanthropist and former Children’s Memorial nurse Ann Lurie. (Second and subsequent reference is “Lurie Children’s.”)

Location: 225 East Chicago Avenue (just west of Prentice Women’s Hospital)

Why this location will improve care for children:

  • Being on the campus of our academic partner, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, strengthens our potential for research collaboration and our ability to recruit top pediatric sub-specialists to Chicago
  • Adjacency to Prentice Women’s Hospital will expedite care to critically ill newborns
  • Proximity to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago will provide a smoother transition from childhood to adult care

Size: 23 stories; 1.25 million square feet – licensed for 288 beds and all private rooms

Key benefits to families:

  • State-of-the-art facility with the newest technology, including operating rooms equipped for minimally invasive surgery and portable imaging technology
  • 288 licensed beds, all private rooms to control infection and enhance privacy
  • More space for trauma care and clinical research
  • Decentralized nursing stations to keep nurses closer to patients and families
  • New ventilation and hygiene systems reduce exposure to disease and infection
  • Creative, unique, healing interior desig

On June 9, 2012, up to 200 patients will be transported via ambulance from Children’s Memorial to Lurie Children’s.  Fullerton Avenue will be closed from Lincoln/Halsted to Lake Shore Drive.

If you need their services anytime after June 9th, you know were to go, right?

How lucky are we?


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